Earn While You Learn

Earn an incredible 30-50% recurring monthly commissions for introducing Ukandoo Academy membership to others!

Earn 30-50% recurring monthly commissions

Ukandoo Academy comes with a very attractive inbuilt affiliate program so all students are able to ‘earn whilst they learn’. Commission pay-outs range from 30-50% and are recurring each month. We also provide members of our community with the methods, tools and support needed to quickly start earning money.


Commissions are calculated at the end of each month and the total commission earned is added to your account. You can request to receive that money at any time. Payouts can be paid directly to your bank account in most countries (we use TransferWise) or via PayPal.


Commissions range from 30% to 50% of the total monthly income of any student members you have referred. You will receive recurring commissions for all students you have referred for as long as they remain a student member. The amount you receive is calculated each month based on how many members you have referred in total that are still active paying students.

The rates are:
0-14 active student referrals = 30% commission
15-24 active student referrals = 35% commission
25-49 active student referrals = 40% commission
50-99 active student referrals = 45% commission
100+ active student referrals = 50% commission