Frequently Asked Questions

Common FAQ's about Ukandoo Academy

What is Ukandoo Academy?
Ukandoo Academy is an online learning and earning community for anyone working or wanting to work online, such as freelancers, virtual assistants, affiliate marketers, marketers, online businesses and traditional businesses wanting to learn how to market and sell online.

Do you offer 1-to-1 personal consulting and support
Our low price of just £25 per month (+vat for U.K. and EU members) for full access means we have to provide all the education online via our courses and subject modules. However our team are always available to try to offer help and support within our incredible community forums. We also provide regular skills training webinars, hold online and live events and our experienced coaches can provide separate 1-to-1 consulting outside of the Academy.

If you sign-up are you tied in for a long period?
Absolutely not. You pay monthly, pay as you go each month and can cancel at any time.

How do Ukandoo Academy pay affiliate commissions?
Ukandoo Academy pays affiliate commissions via PayPal or direct bank transfer (depending on where you live) whenever requested but no more than once per month. A minimum payout of £10 is required and PayPal or bank transfer charges are deducted (at cost). We recommend bank transfer as it's cheaper (we use for this service).

Is there a minimum age limit to join Ukandoo Academy?
Yes you need to be 18 years old.

Additional FAQ's

What is Affiliate Marketing? +

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based or referral marketing and is very common and popular online. Nearly all major brands and websites offer an affiliate program including Amazon, Apple, Dell, Virgin and the list goes on. Just try searching for any brand name and adding 'affiliate program' on to the end and you will almost certainly find information on their affiliate program.

Affiliates usually just pass leads to websites and then get paid on any sales.

Ukandoo Academy has it's own affiliate program for members to earn 30-50% recurring monthly commissions for any new member introduced.

What Kind Of Support Do I Get? +

What Kind Of Support Do I Get?

We are a passionate community and support can come in many ways. Firstly our staff and tutors will be on hand within the community forums to help where they can with advise and answering questions. Also other members within our community, who of course includes professionals from many different areas, will help and answer other member queries where they can. We encourage community interaction.

Can I Do This Around My Job and Commitments? +

Can I Do This Around My Job and Commitments?

Absolutely. You can learn and earn around any job or commitments you currently have. Study at your own pace. Join in our community whenever you have the time and recommend us to others to earn fantastic affiliate commissions at your leisure.

Am I Too Old for This? +

Am I Too Old for This?

No-one is too old really. If you're interested in joining the Academy then you either have an interest to learn how to work online or start or grow an online business, or you're interested in just making some recurring monthly income from simply recommending us to others. Either way you are not too old.

Can This Help Me Grow My Existing Business? +

Can This Help Me Grow My Existing Business?

Absolutely! Many of our members are existing businesses, both pure online businesses and off-line businesses who want to learn how to sell and market themselves online. Our expert tutors produce lessons, modules and courses designed to help give you the insights needed for online business success.

Is This An Internet Scam? +

Is This An Internet Scam?

No, this is an online learning Academy and membership site with no hidden costs. We are just a community of passionate people all wanting to help each other to be more successful online. We offer tremendous value at just £25 per month for full access to all our courses, tools, online events, community and earn whilst you learn affiliate program plus plenty of other benefits!

Do I Need Any Previous Experience? +

Do I Need Any Previous Experience?

No. Many of our members come to us with no or very little online work or business experience - that's precisely why they came to us in the first place. Our education is step by step at your own pace. You can always ask questions if you have any at any time. As you learn and increase your skills and confidence a whole new world of online income possibilities will open up to you!

Do I Need To Do Any Personal Selling? +

Do I Need To Do Any Personal Selling?

If you want to 'earn whilst you learn' through our member affiliate program then you simply need to recommend our website to others. It's not really selling, just letting others know and spreading the word such as on Facebook, your website, other social media channels, word of mouth etc. You don't have to do this at all of course, this is only if you want to earn referral commissions of 30-50% for any new members you bring on board.

Do You Do Live Events? +

Do You Do Live Events?

We plan to be running live events later in 2018.