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Who is Ukandoo Academy for?

Working Online

Digital marketers, creative & technical freelancers, home workers, marketing employees, remote workers, virtual assistants (VA’s), voice over artists and writers.

Residual Income

Affiliate marketers, bloggers, course & content creators, digital product creators, eBook authors, podcasters, stock music/video/photo creators and vloggers.

Online Business

Amazon sellers, app business owners, drop-shippers, eCommerce stores, online entrepreneurs, SaaS business owners and small to medium businesses.


Bite-Sized Learning

We use a mixture of video & text-based “micro-learning” lessons. This type of training lets you learn in small yet effective chunks, and our ‘smart search’ helps you find the topic you need help on right away!

Our lessons help you learn then implement what you’ve learnt. This way you can learn new skills & tools and master websites and techniques used for online work and business success.

Ukandoo Academy Video Lesson Example
Ukandoo Academy Tutors


Experienced and Seasoned Tutors

Honest, friendly and frank training & advice by real people who know what they’re talking about.  

Our team has years of experience in working online through freelancing & remote working, to residual income through affiliate marketing, vlogging & blogging, and various online businesses. All this combined is what makes Ukandoo Academy so special.


Invaluable Resources

From eBooks to plugins to templates, Ukandoo Academy provides a range of brilliant free resources & tools to help you along your journey.

No more trawling through websites trying to find a tool for this or a guide for that. We provide an extensive list of the best tools, sites, resources (and reads!) that our team uses and recommends.

Members Resources & Tools - Ukandoo Academy
Ukandoo Academy Members Badges


Earn Badges & Unlock New Features

Keep track of your progress with our badges system. For some healthy competition and encouragement, move up the levels to unlock new tools & features.

All members of Ukandoo Academy earn badges to show how many lessons completed, how many active premium member referrals they have and how many ‘upvoted comments’ they receive. 


Get Help & Support With Our Community Forums

As great as online training is, it can be hard to learn something new without that “classroom environment” where you have the opportunity to discuss & confer with your peers and tutors. 

With community forums we aim to provide just that. Ask questions, make new friends and get the help, assurance & support you need whilst learning.

Ukandoo Academy Members Forums




Jam Packed With Content

With over 20+ courses and 300+ lessons, Ukandoo Academy offers an incredible amount of content already and it’s growing every day!

It’s our mission to make the skills & expertise needed to succeed available to anyone willing to learn them.

Topics covered within Ukandoo Academy include:

Wordpress - Ukandoo Academy
Woocommerce - Ukandoo Academy
Shopify - Ukandoo Academy
Youtube - Ukandoo Academy
UX / UI - Ukandoo Academy
Ecommerce Success - Ukandoo Academy
Facebook Advertising - Ukandoo Academy
Google analytics - Ukandoo Academy
Online Marketing - - Ukandoo Academy
Affiliate Marketing - Ukandoo Academy
Social Media for Business - Ukandoo Academy
Starting a Business - Ukandoo Academy
Website Traffic - Ukandoo Academy
Outsourcing - Ukandoo Academy
Internet Marketing - Ukandoo Academy
Freelancing - Ukandoo Academy

…and many more!


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